Opichi Beta Launch Sequence

The Opichi Beta Launch Sequence

And what you can expect from it!

You have an idea of what Opichi is about: It’s a guide to help you along the path of DIY marketing.

However, the website it looking a little sparse, isn’t it? Not to worry, this is only the beginning, quite literally.

The Beta Launch of Opichi, which is set for March 1st of 2015, encompasses our first two levels of memberships…well, two-ish.

The first not-really-a-level-of membership is ‘Just Starting’ which is what visitors to Opichi can browse. Visitors can enjoy the public blog, the free Opichi Marketing Masters Podcast (available to subscribe to on iTunes as of March 1st), and get their free Opichi Modern Marketing Score.

Then we have the Sidepreneur membership. In addition to the elements available for visitors, Sidepreneurs will have access to Opichi’s Action Videos, Theory Videos, Dreamcatchers, and an exclusive Members Only blog that will provide more in-depth content for those serious ‘preneurs.

Once the Opichi Beta Launch goes live, Opichi will keep creating content and fill out the website. Visitors and members can expect Opichi to continue to grow as we create more valuable and actionable content for our customers, directed towards Solopreneurs and full blown Entrepreneurs.

More info on that will come later!

Until then, stay the path, and market your dream!