Opichi Does DIY Marketing Different

Opichi Does DIY Marketing Different

In our very first blog post, we did a bit of bragging about how Opichi will guide you along the path of DIY marketing and how amazed you’ll be with the results. But how can we possibly claim that?

Opichi is different from other educational platforms in a few ways:

Action Videos: Opichi action videos give you simple, easy to implement advice to help you market your dream.


Theory Videos: Some people want actionable advice, and some people want an explanation of why they need to take that action. That’s where the theory videos come in.

Dreamcatchers: Opichi’s Dreamcatchers are the differentiator between Opichi and everyone else. Download them, print them if needed, and fill them out as you follow along with the action vids.

Opichi Members Only Blog: Sometimes news happens too fast to make a video, so watch the member’s only Opichi blog for advice, marketing trends, and expert takes on current events in real time.

Opichi Marketing Masters Podcast: Burnout can happen fast. So keep things fresh with the free Opichi Marketing Masters Podcast, where every week we’ll have a new, successful entrepreneur tell their story of marketing success in his or her own early bootstrapping stages of the business.

Thanks for joining, stay tuned, and as always, market your dream.