Ethos Studios

Rob Barber

Courtney has always been a “go-to guy” for advice on business and that advice was in no short supply when our team needed insight on marketing. With Courtney’s insight, our team was able to better address our marketing plan and create some unique strategies that were custom to what our business is.

We create mobile apps and mobile games for businesses to help them engage their customers.

When our team was creating our first business plan for a university competition he suggested that we obtain social proof that our service is viable in order to better show judges and investors that it is a great idea. Since it was an early stage for us we were able to create a survey and obtain statistics of how many people would use our services. This helped us make it to the semi-finals of the Panasci Technology Entrepreneurship Competition and through his advice on niche targeting we were able to better make a pitch for the 2014 University at Buffalo Elevator Pitch Competition, allowing us to win 1st place.

What we found most useful about Courtney’s marketing advice is that he can target specific needs based on who you are as a business and come up with creative solutions. An example of this is that he suggested we also use programming code samples as a marketing tool to help show customers our talent. The code sample advice was original, creative and specific to our needs.

If you or your company needs any advice or direction on marketing, then we recommend Courtney to help.

Rob Barber, Co-Founder Ethos Studios