Brendan Hufford of OK! Kimonos

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Brendan Hufford

Brendan Hufford is a dad, husband, and entrepreneur who does it all and rocks out loud! Brendan got his start in teaching and loved it, but quickly realized that it wasn’t enough. During that time, he also saw a need for more attention in the Brazilian jiu jitsu scene in the Chicago area, which launched him along the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur with From there his entrepreneurial ventures snowballed and he’s on the path to live the life he wants to have! Hear Brendan’s fast paced story about how he made OK! Kimonos and his other dreams happen.

Brendan is passionate about bootstrapping businesses, especially for parents like himself. In addition to all the great insight he offers in our podcast, if you have any questions about juggling a business or parenthood–or even just one of those things!–you can contact Brendan Hufford here or follow him on Twitter.

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