Part Time Marketing Manager

Need someone to manage your marketing so you can spend more time on your business?
You've found the right partner.

A Partner with a Purpose

You know your business and you would rather work on your business. You're an expert in selling your business, running operations, and providing the right customer service. But maybe you don't know where to find the time to write a monthly Blog Post. Perhaps putting together an email blast isn't something you're excited to do, nor do you even have the platform to do it.

You need someone to do these business-essential marketing tasks for you, and you'd prefer someone with experience, but you don't need someone full time.

Let Opichi be your marketing partner. For less than the salary of a marketing specialist, you can have the marketing you want completed like clockwork. Opichi has been around since 2014 and we've built dozens of business’ beautiful websites and consulted businesses on how they can better market themselves. Now we're expanding to including the basic marketing legwork to help drive more leads, keep you top of mind of existing customers, and obtain a prominent local web presence.


The Part Time Marketing Department Package

Maintain Google My Business Presence: helps your business show up in local searches 

  • Listing info is current
  • Hours are correct
  • Weekly Updates
  • Responds to reviews

Social Media Management: when you're active on social media, people know you're in business!

  • Daily posting
    • Industry related article
    • Your business updates
    • Holiday well wishes
  • Manage up to 4 social media accounts
  • It is a business' responsibility to respond to social media direct messages, as those can be sale opportunities.

Monthly Marketing Email: remind previous customers and prospects that you have what they need with a monthly email blast.

  • Business Updates, news, new product(s) or
  • Monthly Special alerts
  • Call to action to drive traffic to your website
  • Encouragement to leave a review on the
  • platform of your choice
  • Any email responses inquiring about services or sales will respond directly to your preferred email address.

Monthly Blog Post: we'll post articles on your website that your customers care about and make you stand out as a local expert!

  • ~750-100 words
  • Once a month
  • Stock Images included or provided by business

Project Add-Ons

  • Email Campaigns - Want to send more than one email a month? Let's discuss your goals and put together a targeted email campaign.
  • Customer Case Studies - Your proof is in the pudding. We will work together to create case studies and gather customer testimonials of some of your best work.
  • Sales Enablement Materials - Need digital brochures? A branded PowerPoint? Let's create fresh sales materials for your company.
  • Resources - Want your customers to go through a checklist? Want them to fill out a form? Think an eBook would solve half of your problems? Let's talk about how we can create helpful customer resources.
  • Social Media Like Campaigns - Don't buy spammy likes: promote your favorite social media posts to get in front of your ideal customer. Recommended after several months of regular social media posting.
  • Paid Advertisements - A fast way to promote your business and your products. While fast results are typical, as soon as paid advertisements turn off, leads and sales tend to turn off too.
  • SEO packages - SEO means playing the long game and generally rarely show immediate results. Work with our SEO experts to increase the search engine optimization health of your website and increase your search ranking for the long term.

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