Our Work

We do a variety of projects ranging from new designs and builds to repairing, updating, and modifying sites that already exist. Below is a sample of some of our projects.

Skate Great

This project was a complete redesign and rebuild. 1 year into the new site, we added ecommerce functionality. This is integrated with a backend attendance tracking software to help them optimize ice time usage.

Canisius CPD

We have been working with the CPD since 2014. This is the second iteration of their site, built to suit the needs of a management change. It includes ecommerce, learning management software, and deep page content.


Solmac needed a new site that reflected their manufacturing floor expansion and that could capitalize on some wonderful photography they had done. We did the design from the ground up, and implemented it in a platform where they can edit the content as time goes on.

Advanced Clustering

This project was design only. Advanced Clustering had a wordpress developer who knew how to build a theme, so we designed several page layouts and sliced them into HTML/CSS. They implemented the theme themselves.

Quaker Boy

Quaker Boy had a CMS that was outdated and unsupported, as it was a custom designed platform by a developer that went out of business. This project took their design, updated it for mobile-friendliness, and ported all their content, products, and features to a Woocommerce store. It features an advanced custom menu and several custom features for content integration.

Baby Banana

Baby Banana came to us after they had a new site designed. It looked a lot like they wanted, but it didn't work right and their current developer could not make it work to suit their needs. We added or repaired piles of functionality, replaced several static content areas with dynamic areas, and built a vendor portal.

Foxhall Square

Foxhall had a fresh design on a static platform. The clients needed to be able to edit and change the content, as well as have better mobile design. We converted the design to WordPress pixel for pixel, created a new mobile layout, and added a custom plugin to control the physicians sorting page.

Pisani Recruiting

Pisani Recruiting had an outdated, static, non-responsive site. They wanted a classic look that was mobile friendly. We created a design that met their specifications and helped them create some graphics and layouts to better showcase their offerings.

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