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Grow Your Restaurant Online

That’s correct! It’s not only possible to grow your restaurant with an online presence, but it’s currently happening. Oftentimes restaurateurs don’t see the need for a website. “I want to spread through word of mouth,” is usually the response when I ask them about their online presence. It is possible to gain new customers that…

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The Annoying Thing About Social Media Networking and The Solution

You’ve heard that Social Media networking is the thing to do, but you don’t see the benefit. Before you think to yourself “I don’t use Facebook, it’s a waste of time”, good news! You’re exactly who I’m writing to! But the rest of you should stick around too. What drives you crazy about Facebook, Instagram,…

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Josh Turner

[s3audio s3url=”/2015/May/Josh_Turner.mp3″ s3bucket=”” hidepoweredby=”yes” responsive=”on” /]    Subscribe through iTunes Subscribe through Stitcher Josh Turner went from Freelance CFO to the founder of Linked Selling, a booming B2B firm specializing in fully outsourced LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. Josh is one of the leading LinkedIn experts in the world today, and he’s in the Opichi DIY…

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