You’ve heard that Social Media networking is the thing to do, but you don’t see the benefit. Before you think to yourself “I don’t use Facebook, it’s a waste of time”, good news! You’re exactly who I’m writing to! But the rest of you should stick around too.

What drives you crazy about Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? It doesn’t provide value, right? You see cute pictures of cats, poorly lit and unappetizing pictures of home cooked meals (ok, I’m guilty of that one), and a whole bunch of complaining. What do you care? You don’t. So you just stop using it.

A lot of younger consumers, your possible customers, don’t have that problem. Hear me out: we use the setting that allows a user to turn off notifications from friends who junk up our feed. If business or organization pages start posting nonsense, we unlike them. Out of sight, out of mind! Therefore, our Facebook feed only posts articles about local upcoming events, articles related to things we find interesting and want to learn about, and see what our friends are up to in making the world (or themselves) better.

You can do this too! (If this is getting TL;DR, just skip the next paragraph.)

I’ll give an example: I follow a small bicycle boutique on Facebook that’s not anywhere near my city. So why follow it? The owner ROCKS at managing her business’s Facebook Page! She posts beautiful pictures of new displays and group photos of a community cycling group she began to help promote her store. I like these pictures, but as I can’t participate in them, they do become tiresome after a while, and typically I would eventually unlike her page to remove them from my feed all together.

However, the owner shares articles I find fascinating: hand signals for road cycling, Europeans take on cyclist commuters in American metropolitans, how to safely pass a cyclist, how many calories you burn cycling to work–there are countless articles I’ve clicked on and read because, as a city dweller who drives past a lot of cyclists, I want to know these things, and I’d like to start riding my bike more myself. This store’s Facebook page and the articles the shop owner shares provide value to me, and if I believe they’ll provide value to others, I’ll share it these articles from the store’s Facebook page.

Give this method a try! Think outside the box: yes, your fans want to know what you’re up to, but provide additional information like this bicycle shop does, and see your popularity and expertise soar!

Catch you next time,

-The Opichi Team

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