Tim Conley

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Tim Conley

Tim Conley works with founders of tech companies who go from founders to CEOs. He works with people who can rock the tumultuous roller coaster of start ups, but have a difficult time transitioning over to smooth and steady pace of an established company. Listen to Tim’s casual and open interview about how he approaches new customers, interactions with those potential clients, and the success rate he expects from these marketing actions. With over 17 years in the business, Tim Conley has his method down pat and he sits in the DIY Marketing guest chair to tell us what has worked for him and what hasn’t worked.

Tim’s parting words of advice are: “…to not give up. Get out of your own way, because the barriers that you are running into that are stopping you from achieving what you desire in your business are simply your own thinking. Step out of that thinking, break out of it, and keep working at it. And you will be able to achieve a much higher level.”

Find Tim at timconley.co and hashtagstart.com

Hear more from Tim via his podcast, The Foolish Adventure.

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