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Website Consulting

These days, places that will offer to build you a new website are a dime a dozen. And if you don’t intend for your site to be an integral part of your business growth, then you probably will be just fine using one of those firms.

Here at Opichi, we do not focus on building websites. Our focus is helping you decide how you want your business to appear and grow on the web. We will help you guide your web presence layout and decisions based on measurable business growth goals.


Do you want more phone calls from local prospects? We’ll help you build a page that can do that. 

Need people to fill out a survey to help you provide the best service? Let’s set that up to be measurable and get results.

Are you selling a product online? How about a storefront that lets you have coupons, custom control over your shipping, or a completely editable wholesale side to increase bulk orders!

Opichi works to help small to medium businesses make smart decisions about their marketing, and this philosophy drives our approach to web design consulting.


WordPress Development

More than a quarter of the sites on the web are built using the WordPress content management platform. And why is that?

Here are a few reasons we prefer WordPress for small business websites: 

  • WordPress has an easy to use interface that makes keeping your content up-to-date simple.
  • There are many pre-built add-ons that extend the features and functionality without breaking the bank – perfect for small businesses.
  • Maintaining the security of a WordPress site is straightforward and can even be set up in a simple WordPress maintenance plan so you can focus on your business.

However, Opichi can build, edit, or update sites on many different platforms – not just WordPress. Even though that would be our go-to solution for many sites for companies who do not have an in-house webmaster, we have done many projects on Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, OpenCart and more. Just ask and we’ll see what needs to be done.


Conversion Page Optimization

What good is a website that does not bring you any new business? It is very clear that businesses need to have a web presence these days, but unfortunately many small businesses do not have a clear call to action on their sites so potential clients who visit their sites soon leave and go do business with those who guide them into a clean sales funnel.

Part of our mission here at Opichi is to help business owners improve their marketing on a budget and help them make smart decisions about where to spend their advertising funds. If you are already having a website built, one of the best uses of your time and money is to make sure your web page is ready to convert visitors into customers.

We will help you determine what questions to answer on your landing pages so visitors feel confident choosing your business. And we’ll make sure your new site or webpage has a clear call to action that drives new customers into your business.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

What good is a site that people cannot find? 

One of the most common misconceptions about having a website is that customers will just show up when you post your site online. Sadly, that is just not true, and we’re not going to sugar-coat it.

There are millions of websites out there on the internet all fighting for space and visibility. Each time a customer searches Google for a product or service, there are about 10 spots available on the results page that get real results.

If your site is not in one of those spots, it is unlikely you will get much traffic for your business from your site. 

The process of getting your site to the front page of Google for a specific search term is called SEO. All of our sites are optimized for on-site SEO to help you have the best chance of getting one of those coveted front-page spots when people search for your product or service.

And we’ll even go the extra mile and give you advice on how you can go about improving your rankings. If you want to learn more about how to put your site (one we built or one you have already) on the front page of Google, book a free consultation today!

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