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Ecommerce conversion optimization and development

Taking the right steps to optimize your ecommerce store makes it easier to turn shoppers into customers. Whether you are running ads or doing SEO, your store needs to be converting.

Conversion Strategy

There are many ways to optimize an ecommerce store to increase conversions. And stores don’t always need a redesign or to be re-developed from scratch just to begin improving the close rate on your existing traffic. You can count on our expert team to be your advisors and help you execute an improvement strategy that fits your business.

Updates & Improvements

Live Chat Implementation

Live chat on an ecommerce site is a proven method of improving conversions and customer satisfaction.

Payment Optimization

Today's shoppers expect to have easy and recognizable payment options.

Custom Pricing Features

Cater to a larger audience and close more sales by offering advanced pricing options for bulk or wholesale buyers.

Product Page Optimization

Does your product page make it easy for people to make a buying decision?

Page Speed Optimization

The longer it takes your page the load, the quicker shoppers leave and buy elsewhere. Every second matters.

Small and medium business website design and development

Whether you are a sole proprietor or a 30 person SMB, your company needs a professional face online. We’ve built websites for businesses of all sizes, and we know what it takes to make your brand come to life on the web.

Branding and Design

But it does not stop there. Our experts will help you make decisions about website copywriting so you can put your best foot forward towards rankings and conversions. Once the site is built, we will use our digital marketing expertise to craft and execute a strategy to meet your goals.

Continuous Improvement

Logo & Brand Design

A cohesive look and feel that flows throughout your online and offline presence.

Landing Page Design

Get off the ground quickly with a powerful landing page to begin marking your brand.

Website Development

Wo don't just make you look good. We use clean, friendly systems to develop a website that will grow with your business.

Booking Systems

Get leads on your list or clients on your schedule with advanced booking systems to fit your business model.

Website Repairs

Already have a site? We can probably help you keep it running well.

Learning Management Systems

Successful consultants, coaches and subject matter experts are embracing the growing market for online education. It’s easier than ever to create a course or training system, then sell it to your target audiences through the power of digital marketing.

Cohesive Training Platform

Providing a great learner experience starts with having a well-designed learning management system (LMS). Our agency has built LMS for both colleges and individual coaches, and we know what works. We’ll help you from start to finish with designing and then deploying a online teaching website that fits your needs.

Excellent Learner Experience

Course Structure & Layout

The way your course is presented makes the difference between keeping clients or losing them.

Service Packaging Strategy

Courses and coaching can be packaged and sold in many formats. We'll help you find what works for your product.

Memberships & Subscriptions

Provide continuous value with regularly updated content and a membership to match.

Certificates & Awards

Boost interaction and engagement by offering certificates or awards for completion.

Content Hosting Deployment

Course videos and documents can be very large. We'll set up appropriate hosting so your files are available when you need them.

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Finding someone to build you a website is not hard these days. But finding a partner who cares as much as you do about growing your business is much, much harder.

Opichi’s expert team works with our web design and ecommerce customers to ensure they get both a website and a marketing strategy to really succeed online. Whether you need someone to build an ecommerce site, a services landing page, or an LMS, Opichi gives you an online strategy team to make that site successful.

Starting with one of our conversion-optimized websites that are steeped in SEO best practices, you’ll have a head-start over your competition. Paired with our market-leading conversion optimization, ranking and advertising techniques, your success online is virtually guaranteed.

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