Identity Resolution

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Identify and directly reach out to up to 60% of your website visitors whether or not they submit a form

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Anonymous Identity Resolution provides you with robust user and interest data on your site visitors. Not broad strokes, but right down to the name, email, address, and more.

Big Data, Utilized

Power up your marketing, outreach, and sales team efforts with hyper-accurate visitor data.


We'll identify up to 60% of your website visitors. If you pay for traffic/ads, then you are throwing money away without getting the most out of every click. Anonymous Identity Resolution is the key.

Direct Messages

We'll know the name and email of most of your site visitors within minutes of their visit. Our software will then reach out to them via an email sequence to start the sales conversation.

Hyper-Accurate Audiences

When someone comes to your site via one of your marketing channels, the ball is in your court to create a real connection. We make that happen.

Dynamic Direct Mail

Create a powerful touchpoint with custom direct mail that includes details of what they looked at on your website. Maximize digital dollars with an omi-channel approach.

Ad Creatives

Each audience we create will respond differently based on the actions they took on your site. We'll design multiple creatives to get the highest impact from each of your ad dollars.

Message Testing

Being able to stop guessing about messaging and get imperical data takes marketing to the next level. We test scores of headlines and scroll frame messages for your brand every week to get the right messages dialed in.

Likely-Match Advertising

Our system automatically drops the details of each site visitor into an AI match system. We identify other buyers in your market based on the traffic you've already paid for.

Copy Optimization

Combined with message testing, we leverage the largest AI tools in the world to optimize copy for your direct mail and advertising campaigns. New messaging is key to cut through the noise and get the most for every dollar.



Predictive Modeling

Based on your existing customers, we will model the perfect fit profile, and then score each lead AIR captures. Use this to choose exactly the level of effort to put into each lead for maximized profit.

Interest Identification

Your current customers provide a wealth of knowledge about how to find new buyers like them. We'll identify super-accurate interest profiles across your database for better media buying decisions.

In-Market Audiences

We capture contact details on millions of audiences every day. These are segmented by brand and topic interest, giving you super targeted audiences who are ACTIVELY shopping.

List Matching

Pull high-intent direct contact lists based on the predictive modeling to match your perfect customers. Plug those lists into your advertising and outreach efforts to stop talking to everyone and start talking to the people who matter.

Convert every

ad dollar

you spend into more leads and sales immediately

Plug Identity Resolution Multi-Channel Advertising into your existing marketing efforts to accelerate growth and improve customer quality. If you’re paying for ads, you need AIR to plug the leaks and stop throwing money down the drain.

Turn Traffic into Contacts


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