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Conquer New Regulations

with Solar-Specific Expertise

The solar industry is booming, but with the FCC’s new regulations, it’s also facing unprecedented compliance challenges.

Opichi’s LeadGuard Compliance Solutions is here to illuminate the path forward, offering solar sales companies a specialized service that guarantees your lead generation is not only compliant but also exceptionally effective.

Supercharge Your Sales Team

with Solar-Tailored Tools

All lead buyers now have to be sure that every lead has opted in to hear from them specifically, or they are at risk of legal action.

No more bulk or aged data if you want to be compliant.The best solution is to be in complete control of your whole funnel, from collection to follow up, ensuring you are 100% compliant all the way.

We've crafted a suite of fully compliant tools

specifically for the solar sales:

Custom Solar Messaging

Craft messaging that shines with the promise of renewable energy and connects with the eco-conscious values of your customers.

Solar-Optimized Landing Pages

Deploy AI technology to design landing pages that capture the imagination and interest of homeowners and businesses looking to invest in solar. These pages convert at up to 18%.

Targeted Solar Ads

Launch compelling ads that speak directly to the growing market of renewable energy adopters, driving home the benefits of going solar with your company.

Effortless Solar Lead Capture

Seamlessly gather interest from potential solar clients on a platform designed for the high engagement rates expected in this exciting industry.

Immediate Lead Connection

Ensure every query about solar installation is met with an instant response, harnessing the full power of our automated system.

Diligent Lead Cultivation

Employ consistent follow-up tactics to educate and guide leads through the solar purchase journey, culminating in more confirmed appointments.


Software Integration

Elevate your solar lead generation with

our comprehensive software platform:

Interactive Engagement Tools: Utilize dynamic forms and surveys that cater to the unique considerations of solar customers.

Automated Multi-Channel Solar Campaigns: Maintain engagement with automated, personalized follow-ups, from educational emails to timely SMS updates on solar incentives and rebates.

Streamlined Solar Appointments: Book consultations and site evaluations effortlessly, integrating solar project timelines with your sales process.

Insightful Solar Analytics: Leverage tailored analytics to track solar lead conversions, campaign performance, and ROI.

Security and
Scalability for Solar

Ensure the security and scalability of your solar lead operations. Our robust platform offers advanced encryption and a scalable solution that grows with your solar business.

Grow Your
Solar Sales

Invest in a solution that manages your ad budget with precision and enhances your team's ability to close solar sales effectively. Join the ranks of solar companies whose sales have skyrocketed with LeadGuard.

Illuminate the
Solar Market

Stand at the forefront of the solar revolution. Partner with Opichi's LeadGuard to transform your lead generation, adhere to FCC regulations, and shine brighter than the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: LeadGuard stays abreast of the latest FCC regulations, integrating compliance checks directly into our software to ensure every lead is legally captured and communicated with.

A: Absolutely. Our platform is specifically designed with the flexibility to meet the specialized needs of solar sales, from initial interest to installation.

A: Our AI-driven landing pages are optimized with solar-specific content and calls to action that resonate with potential solar clients, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

A: Automated follow-up ensures that leads receive timely, relevant information about solar products and services, keeping them engaged and moving through the sales funnel.

A: No, there are no limits. LeadGuard is designed to scale with your business, accommodating as many leads and campaigns as you need to grow your solar sales.


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Wonderful company to work with! They’ve been helpful and responsive every step of the way. From the personal touch in the creation of ads to their excellent sales tips and training, I can’t recommend them enough! You’re missing out if you don’t go with them.

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