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There are 3 packages to choose from

All leads are phone verified, so you'll never get a bad number, and the person you're talking to has double-opted in to hear from you about solar panels.

Exclusive leads

Pay a monthly fixed amount for exclusive, phone verified leads, sent realtime as soon as they are verified. Highest quality leads available that close at 20%-40% (how good are you at sales?).

$2000 for 10 dedicated leads

Shared Leads

Pay a monthly fixed amount for shared, phone verified leads. Same quality and closing rate as exclusive, but these leads go to up to 5 reps, realtime. These tend to be very well-educated customers. Just put your best foot forward.

$1000 for 15 shared leads

Custom Leads/live calls

Pay a fixed monthly amount plus ad spend, and we'll build a dedicated campaign for your organization. All leads from such a campaign are exclusive and will contain any qualifiers you wish. Our technology will let us distribute the leads to your team in any manner you would like.

Starts at $3500/mo


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